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The Academy

The Academy - Pop Lore According To... - CD Album



Format: CD

The sole 1969 LP from The Academy is a sparse slight jazzy folk album with psychedelic overtones. The main attraction is the clear voice of Polly Perkins and the interesting woodwind parts.
Standout tracks are "Munching The Candy" and "Rachel's Dream", the latter starting sentimentally but incorporating a lovely Russian theme. Released for the first time on CD in the UK and featuring 4 Bonus tracks.

Track listing

1. Enrol With The Academy
2. Munching The Candy
3. Anya Anya
4. Quiet And Gentle
5. Poor Jean
6. Polly Perkins Loves You Georgia Brown
7. Rachel's Dream
8. Thank You Mary Hayley Bell
9. The Girl In His Mirror
10. She Returned Home
11. Deadline
12. Yellow Star
13. Who's Gonna Have Rover
14. House In The Country
15. Feel Good
16. Shadows