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Red Dirt

Red Dirt - Red Dirt II - CD Album



Format: CD

Previously unreleased rock/blues album. Mastered from the original mater tapes. Includes bonus material by Jude.

Track listing

  1. Time To Move
  2. Easy To Come By
  3. Dreaming (Demo Backing Track)
  4. Summer Madness Laced With Newbald World
  5. Hard Times
  6. The Last Train (Demo Backing Track)
  7. For Q
  8. Easy Rider (Demo Backing Track)
  9. Frustration Boogie (Vocal)
  10. Dreams And Nightmares Of A Plastic Ringworm
  11. Directing My Imprisoned Thoughts
  12. Frustration Boogie (Instrumental)
  13. Morning Morgantown - Jude
  14. We Shall be Free - Jude
  15. Beverley Market Meeting - Jude