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The Nashville Teens

The Nashville Teens - Tobacco Road - CD Album



Format: CD

A selection of studio and live recordings.

Rare Tracks Compiled by Arthur Sharp of Nashville Teens 

Track listing


1. Let It Rock/Rocking On The Railroad
2. I'm a Lonely One
3. Chantilly Lace
4. Break Up
5.Tobacoo Road
6. Widdicombe Fair
7. Lawdy Miss Claudy
8. Ex Kay On Lx
9. Biggest Night Of Her Life
10. Last Minute
11. All Along The Watchtower
12. Sun Dog
13. Hitch Hike
14. Little Bird
15.Widdicombe Fair
16. Cherokee Indian
17. Train Keeps Rollin'
18. Tennessee Woman
19. Fishhead
20. New York Mining Disaster
21 .Half Breed
22. Day and Night