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Paul Lamb & The King Snakes

Paul Lamb & The King Snakes - The Games People Play - CD Album



Format: CD

Coming just over a year and a half since his sensational 'Mind Games', Paul Lamb is back and ready to thrill and amaze with this sensational live album that was captured whilst on his continent-wide tours that are often heralded as one of the few remaining true blues that can be witnessed.
One can always expect there to be a high standard to his releases. With every new release, Mr. Lamb's harmonica playing goes from strength to strength gaining that natural, deeper soulfulness from his sheer amount of experience, talent and dedication that so many players strive for on this timely instrument.
His band again fires on all fronts - his fantastic rhythm section comprising of Rod Demick (bass/backing vox) and Dino Coccia (drums/ backing vox) lay down the essential blues grooves that are needed to contain the flaming talents of Ryan Lamb (lead guitar/ backing vox) and Chad Strentz (vocals/ rhythmn guitar).
From the gang-vocals on the title track to the ripping guitar solos in 'Easy' and 'Black Jack Game' all being watched over by the tastiest harmonica playing heard in popular music, 'The Games People Play' is an album that blues fans must witness and behold for themselves.
Listen to an excerpt from 'Easy' here -http://bit.ly/KBeY69

1. I Got A Woman/ Fulsom Prison
2. Let Me In
3. Come To The Conclusion
4. Summertime
5. Depressing Recession
6. Easy
7. Black Jack Game
8. Games People Play
9. Ida Mae
10. Mind Games
11. Ya Ya Blues
12. Midnight Special