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Bad Manners

Bad Manners - Baldheads Live In Essex - CD+DVD Album



Format: CD+DVD

When the original impetus of punk started heading into a cul-de-sac in the late 70s, a group of musicians decided to take the Clash and Ruts' flirtations with reggae a logical step further. Retaining punk's get up and go DIY ethic, but employing the aesthetics of ska performers such as Laurel Aitken and Prince Buster, the new hybrid was quickly moulded into a uniquely British take on Jamaica's rocksteady tradition. Their irresistible quick-punch tempos were retained and re-energised while the Specials, and later Madness, the Beat and Selecter, gave the results a British twist. Allied but distinct from that scene were a group of likeminded blue beat revisionists who significantly predated their peers but were paddling in roughly the same direction.

Aspect 4:3 / DVD 9 / NTSC (Will Play Worldwide)


  1. In The Mood
  2. Echo 4 + 2
  3. This Is Ska
  4. My Girl Lollipop
  5. Fatty Fatty
  6. Black Night
  7. Feel Like Jumping
  8. Walking In The Sunshine
  9. Skaville U.K.
  10. King Ska-Fa
  11. Pipeline
  12. Red River Ska
  13. Too Good To Be True
  14. Just A Feeling
  15. You Fat Bastard
  16. Skinhead Girl
  17. El Pussycat
  18. Ne-Ne Na-Na Na-Na Nu-Nu
  19. Don't You Be Angry
  20. Woolly Bully
  21. Special Brew
  22. Don't Knock The Baldheads
  23. England Football Medley:
  • Tom Hark
  • March Of The Mods
  • The Great Escape
  • Come On Eileen
  • 24.Lip Up Fatty
  • 25.Can Can