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Maytones - Only Your Picture - Vinyl LP



Format: CD & LP+12"

There are many styles and fashions within the multi-faceted sound of Jamaican music and while some are internationally celebrated, others, despite reggae’s worldwide popularity, are not always given their rightful recognition. Kingston’s teeming ghettos were the acknowledged birthplace of ska, rock steady and reggae, and many of the music’s creators migrated from country districts, including Bob Marley, who travelled from the parish of St. Ann to the zinc fenced, pot holed streets of Trench Town to find fame and fortune. Bob found previously unimagined levels of both but many other hopefuls, like Jimmy Cliff as the fictional Ivanhoe Martin in ‘The Harder They Come’, found only infamy and poverty in Western Kingston. A number of performers preferred to remain in the tranquillity of the country and a style of reggae, designed for the rural population popularly known as country reggae, typified by a gentler style of rhythm, a less aggressive vocal style and pinpoint harmonies, gradually came into being. Its leading performers included Justin Hinds & The Dominoes, The Starlites and The Maytones, and all enjoyed huge popularity, usually with the rural audience, but on numerous occasions the sound of the countryside would gain the attention of Kingston’s discerning record buyers and enjoy a measure of international recognition too. Album original released in 1984.



    Side A

    1. Only Your Picture
    2. Throw Down Your Arms
    3. Save Us Jah
    4. Can't Push I
    5. Longest Liver

    Side B

    1. Jamaica
    2. Who Can't Hear Will Feel
    3. Answer Dee Telephone
    4. Hold On Steady
    5. Jah Praise

    12" Bonus Tracks

    1. Boat To Zion
    2. Madness
    3. Hard Time
    4. Hard Time DJ Version