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Yellowman & Fathead + Purpleman As Yellowman

Yellowman & Fathead + Purpleman As Yellowman - Divorced! (For Your Eyes Only) + Confessions - CD Album



Format: CD

It is perhaps difficult to begin to understand the outsider status of an albino, or 'dundus', in Jamaican society, where the colour of on's skin is not something to be taken lightly. In consequence, the incredible success of Winston 'Yellowman' Foster from the early eighties onwards is even more remarkable than it at first appears. So remarkable, in fact, that it inspired two more albino deejays, 'Purple Man' and the lesser known 'Mellow Yellow', to follow in his footsteps and become recording artists too but Yellowman was always much, much more than a novelty act.
Winston Foster, born Kingston 15th January 1957, was orphaned at an early age and raised in a number of charitable institutions before graduating to Alpha Boys School on South Camp Road, Kingston. Under the guidance of Sister Mary Ignatius Davies the school, whose motto is 'Upward and Onward', is deservedly famous for its musical alumni including Roland Alphonso, Johnny Clarke, Don Drummond, Vin 'Don D Junior' Gordon, Owen Gray, Tommy McCook, Johnny Osbourne, Leroy Smart and innumerable Jamaican musical stars. Winston Foster was inspired by some of the great Jamaican deejays of the seventies, including 'U Roy, King Stitt, Dennis AlCapone, Big Youth, I Roy and U Brown' but recalled 'I didn't go to sound systems at this time because I was just a kid in Alpha'.

More extensive sleeve notes in CD booklet.
2 original albums on 1 CD
Yellowman & Fathead - Divorced! (For Your Eyes Only)
  1. Divorced!
  2. Barn Yard
  3. For Your Eyes Only
  4. Water Ruck
  5. Tourist Season
  6. Sometime I Lie
  7. Don't Call Me Daddy
  8. Donkey Want Water
  9. To The Bump
  10. Top Form
Purpleman as Yellowman - Confessions
  1. Can't Tell Me Bossman
  2. Paulette
  3. W're Badder Than Them
  4. Carry Us Home
  5. No Luck In Trafficating
  6. Jah My Guiding Master
  7. Can't Get No Money
  8. Fiscal Fitness
  9. Session Inna Westmoreland