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Shakatak - More 12 Inch Mixes - 2CD Album



Format: 2CD

The jazz-funk legends prepare to release the second set of alternate mixes of their songs through Secret Records.
During Shakatak's pinnacle they enjoyed a number of top twenty singles and albums, countless worldwide tours, worked alongside music royalty such as Nigel Wright and Al Jarreau"¦ but success was never the drive. It's always for the music and to the present day Shakatak continues on this way.

Due to the success of the first set of '12 Inch Mixes' released last year, there was no way that this set would be kept from their gratuitous fans. Again, featured are both alternate mixes and longer versions of many of their popular songs including two different mixes of "˜Mr Manic And Sister Cool', a Dub mix of the funky "˜Down On The Street', as well as two Steve Mac mixes of "˜Dub Affair' and "˜Brazilian Love Affair'. Many of these were featured as B-sides to their original 12 Inch singles and have now become highly sought after and collectable by their global fan-base.

These collections show just how versatile and adaptable Shakatak's music is and can be, with many of their originals finding new identities through these versions. The members have always been keen to experiment and to bring their music together with collaborators, keeping their audience listening and awaiting their next project.

Enjoy "˜More 12 Inch Mixes' as a further alternate experience to the world's leading jazz-funk band!


1. Mr. Manic & Sister Cool (Manic Cuts)
2. Mr. Manic & Sister Cool (Manic Dub)
3. Covina
4. Late Night Flight
5. Rio Nights
6. Sanur
7. Down On The Street (Extended)
8. Holding On
9. Down On the Street (U.S. Dub mix)
10. Rio Nights (Percussion Vers)
11. Cavalcante
12. Somthing Special (Accapella Dub)


1. Turn It Up
2. Be Bop
3. Back In The Groove
4. Better Believe It
5. Shakatak Megamix
6. Shakatak Coolest Cuts Megamix
7. Déjà vu (To The Wind)
8. Golden Wings
9. Brazilian Love Affair (Steve Mac Mix)
10. Dub Affair (Steve Mac Mix)