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China Crisis

China Crisis - Possible Pop Songs Live - Yellow Vinyl LP + Bonus CD



This China Crisis release is pressed on Yellow vinyl and includes an 18 track bonus CD of the full concert.

All tracks recorded at The Paul McCartney Auditorium, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, 16th September 2005, except ‘You Did Cut Me’, recorded in 2003 during ‘An Audience With’.
China Crisis is a band that has attracted critical acclaim and chart success over the course of a career stretching back well over 30 years.

Includes insert with Sleeve notes + Bonus CD with extra tracks.


Side 1
1. African And White (4:38)
2. Christian (4:40)
3. Tragedy And Mystery (4:28)
4. Working With Fire And Steel (3:40)
5. Wishful Thinking (4:34)

Side 2
1. Black Man Ray (3:44)
2. King In A Catholic Style (Wake Up) (4:15)
3. You Did Cut Me (4:41)
4. Arizona Sky (2;42)
5. Diary Of A Hollow Horse (3:25)