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Shakatak - Manic & Cool + Down On The Street - 2CD Album



Mr. Manic & Sister Cool was originally released in 1988 and Down On The Street in 1984.

Now re-issued in a digifile these 2 original classic Shakatak albums are available as a 2CD set.


Shakatak's sound has evolved over the years, incorporating elements of dance, soul, and smooth jazz into their music. They have released numerous albums and singles, maintained a dedicated fan base and continued to perform live shows worldwide.


Their longevity in the music industry, along with their ability to blend various genres into a distinctive style, has solidified Shakatak as an influential figure in the jazz-funk and pop music scenes.


The band are continuing touring the world including the UK.




CD1 - Manic & Cool
01. Mr. Manic & Sister Cool
02. Slow Dancing
03. Time Of My Life
04. M.O.N.E.Y.
05. Nobody Holds Me (Quite The Way You Do)
06. Dr! Dr!
07. Walk The Walk
08. Releasin’ The Feelin’
09. Something Special
10. Stop
11. Love Of All Time
12. Orient Express

Bonus Tracks
13. Never Stop Loving You
14. Mr. Manic And Sister Cool (Manic Dub)
15. Walk The Walk (Remix)
16. Mr. Manic & Sister Cool (Extended Album Version)

CD2 - Down On The Street
01. Down On The Street
02. Holding On
03. Summer Sky
04. Hypnotised
05. Don't Blame It On Love
06. Photograph
07. Watching You
08. Fire Dance
09. Lady (To Billie Holiday)

Bonus Tracks:
10. Down On The Street (Dance Mix)
11. Don't Blame It On Love (Extended Mix)
12. Down On The Street (Extended Mix)
13. Holding On (Extended Mix)