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The Men They Couldn't Hang

The Men They Couldn't Hang - Dogs Eyes, Owl Meat And Man Chop - Vinyl LP



Format: LP

180 gram Vinyl LP of The Men They Couldn't Hang in concert at The Islington Academy London on the 30th July 2004.Also partly available on CD and DVD double pack SECDP095 - Tales of Love and Hate.Formed in London in 1984, The Men They Couldn't Hang's first single 'Green Fields of Franc' quickly became a big hit on the indie charts after being championed by legendary DJ John Peel on BBC 1. They were soon getting recognized across Europe for their political songs covering themes such as working class life, the industrial revolution and the miner's strike of 1984-85. Having their singles both censored and blacklisted from the BBC because of references to Margaret Thatcher and the South African apartheid regime didn't stop them from propelling to stardom in Europe, and in 1989 they played an unforgettable gig to over 250,000 people in Estonia as the communist regime was falling apart. After splitting up in 1991, TMTCH permanently reunited in 1996 and have kept touring and releasing albums to critical acclaim ever since.

This performance was recorded at The Islington Academy in 2004 and contains 10 of TMTCH's best loved songs, including the hits 'Shirt Of Blu', 'The Colours', 'The Ghosts Of Cable Street' and 'Rosettes' to name a few. Also available as a CD/DVD double pack with 12 additional tracks (SECDP095 - Tales of Love and Hate).

Features :

Stefen Cush

Paul Simmonds

Dan Swift 

Nick Muir 

Phil Ogders

Rickt McGuire

Bobby Valentine

Joe Odgers

Track Listing

Side 1

1. Singing Elvis
2. Rosettes
3. The Colours
4. Smugglers
5. The Ghosts Of Cable Street

Side 2

1. Nightbird
2. Wishing Well
3. Shirt Of Blue
4. Dogs Eyes Owl Meat and Man Chop
5. Australia