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John Martyn

John Martyn - Remembering John Martyn 1948 - 2009 - CD Album



Format: CD

A double-disc collection of live and studio tracks from the late, great folk legend released through Secret Records.

What turns a musician into a legend? Although there are many answers, the most common is what the artist has left behind once they have passed on combined with the quality of the body of work. In this case, John Martyn was already a legend even before his death; he had released 20 studio albums mixing a myriad of genres together, completed countless world-wide tours, played with greats including Eric Clapton and Phil Collins… all within a career that lasted an epic 44 years.

On this collection we bring together an eclectic mix of unreleased studio and live tracks for the definitive John Martyn experience. Many of the studio tracks are unreleased demo’s dating back to 1988 around his ‘The Apprentice’ album period and include guest spots from some of Johns’ musical peers including Pink Floyd member David Gilmour, British Jazz saxophonist Andy Sheppard and Genesis drummer/vocalist Phil Collins. The live tracks are taken from some of his most revered studio albums such as ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Solid Air’ and include an appearance from ex-Free guitar player Paul Kossoff on the song ‘My Baby Girl’; taken from Martyn’s renowned Leeds University show in 1975.

Compiling a fitting tribute to a man of such achievement was never to be an easy or simple task but with ‘Remembering…’ we’ve chosen rare and exclusive tracks that may give even the most dedicated fans a varied look at this British legend.

Disc 1

1. Big Muff
2. Look At The Girl
3. Fine Lines
4. Lookin' On
5. Head and Heart
6. Johnny Too Bad
7. The Moment
8. Bless The Weather
9. Mad Dog Days
10. Pascanel
11. Ways To Cry
12. Couldn't Love You More
13. Never Let Me Go

Disc 2

1. One Day Without You
2. Outside In
3. I'd Rather Be The Devil
4. Man In The Station
5. My Baby Girl
6. Make No Mistake
7. Over The Hill
8. Easy Blues
9. Dealer
10. You Can Discover
11. Spencer The Rover
12. Black Man At Your Shoulder