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Sham 69 - Borstal Breakout Live in Concert - CD+DVD Album

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Format: CD + DVD

Release date 17th November 2017
"‹He was born on 9th February 1955 to an Irish family, left school early, and by 1973 was working at the Walton Hop, a local disco for teenagers held thrice-weekly in a Waltham-on-Thames theatre. The Hop has now become notorious as the venue where Jonathan King sought out young boys, but for Jimmy it was the place where he first gained attention, for being "a little bit bolder, a little bit more interesting"�. It was also the place where the first incarnation of Sham 69 was formed.
Jimmy had already been the singer in a group called Jimmy And The Ferrets - who were either pub-rock or a Bay City Rollers cover band (depending on which account you choose to believe). His new group quickly took a different musical route. Influenced by the Sex Pistols (he apparently saw them play one of their ad hoc college dates in early 1976) Sham 69 emerged as a "punk"� band by the end of 1976. In reality, this meant they played melodic, energetic rock music with socially conscious - though uncomplicated - lyrics."‹Track listing
"‹CD + DVD

  1. What Have We Got
  2. Hersham Boys
  3. Fourteen Years
  4. (No) I Don't Wanna
  5. They Don't Understand
  6. Tell Us The Truth
  7. Ulster Boys
  8. Give A Dog A Bone
  9. Angels With Dirty Faces
  10. No Entry
  11. Questions And Answers
  12. Poor Cow
  13. Money (All Around)
  14. Hurry Up Hurry
  15. Borstal Breakout
  16. Tattoo
  17. The Kids Are United
  18. September The Eleventh
  19. Blackpool
  20. (Mister) You're A Better Man Than I
  21. Borstal Breakout

"‹Recorded & Filmed at Concorde 2 in Brighton on April 10, 2002"‹
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