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King Kurt

King Kurt - Zulu Beat - CD+DVD Album



Format: CD & DVD

Prepare yourself to be shocked, rocked and amazed as Secret Records release our Psychobilly special live CD/DVD double pack for one of the most memorable acts to grace the genre - King Kurt.
King Kurtfollowed in The Meteors Psychobilly footsteps but went one step sillier when it came to their image and performances. Where The Meteors had their intensity; King Kurt had their signature brand of mad humour. Another band with a past of infamous live shows, 'The Wheel of Misfortun', 'Kurt Skirts' and food fights were frequently included, King Kurt were able to capture their comic energy and produced a few minor hits such as 'Destination Zululand' and 'Zulu Beat' that are featured on this CD/DVD. This reform concert, shot at the Brighton Concorde 2, may lack their classic props but maintains their famous vigour for the stage.


  1. She's As Hairy
  2. Story About King Kurt
  3. Lord Beastly
  4. Do The Rat
  5. Big Black Cadillac
  6. Destination Zululand
  7. Nobody's Business But My Own
  8. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky
  9. Bo Diddley Goes East
  10. You Gotta Have Friends
  11. Lonesome Train
  12. Banana Banana
  13. Zulu Beat
  14. Gather Your Limbs
  15. Wreck A Party Rock