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Mick Abrahams

Mick Abrahams - Long Long Gone - CD+DVD Album



Two disc set of material from the Blues legend Mick Abraham of Jethro Tull and Blodwyn Pig fame.
The audio disc is a collection of instrumental recordings from the legendary Mick Abrahams produced and engineered by Mick Abrahams with additional Engineering Nigel Neill.
DVD features Acoustic and Electric live sets filmed and recorded at Bishops Stortford Blues Club 24th November 2003.
DVD includes exclusive interview with Mick Abrahams, Biography and set list.
Long deleted DVD now re-released with a bonus instrumental CD.



CD (Instrumental album NOVOX)

1. Chuck Brick aka Berry Drive
2. Della aka Daisy Delta
3. Forty Three aka Forty Two Tons
4. Late Nite aka Conchita Mercedes
5. Lassoo aka Larrytino
6. Grin aka Smile
7. Detroit aka Leavin' Detroit
8. Poxie Moxie aka Dixie Pixie
9. Chicken Run aka Flat Tyres
10. Nee Par aka Spassibo
11. Dynarod aka Stormdrain
12. Jimmy Green aka Booful Laydees
13. Songs Of A Titch aka McGregor's Song
14. Flatule aka Sly Bones

Acoustic set
1. So Much Trouble
2. Billy The Kid
3. Gnatz
4. Black Night Is Falling
5. Going Down Slow
6. Driftin' Blues
7. Leaving Home Blues
8. How Long Blues
9. Trouble In Mind
10. Jesus On The Mainline

Electric set
1. You Got It Wrong
2. Lies
3. The Victim
4. I Wonder Who
5. Cat Squirrel
6. How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?
7. The Dead Man's Hill
8. Rock Me Baby