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Various - Red Hot Rockabilly: Got Rockin' On My Mind - 2CD Album



Format: 2CD

Secret Records releases a 2-CD album filled with 50 fantastic rockabilly tracks including some that were previously unavailable and a comprehensive 24 page booklet.

Many fans of rockabilly and rock 'n' roll over time will have become slightly overwhelmed by the amount of compilations and reissues that are now available on the market containing many of the standard, out of copyright tracks that have become associated with this timeless genre. A lot of these would have been sourced from legendary labels such as Sun, Columbia, King and Decca whilst overlooking many of the smaller, independent labels who were shuffling the genre forward from an underground perspective.

These labels may not have had the big name stars but they certainly supported the integrity and passion that were in many of their performers. John Burton and John Kennedy, the dedicated compilers who put this album together, have attempted to represent these obscurer artists highlighting to rockabilly listeners the vast amount of talent that may have been overlooked. A perfect example of this is Jimmy Dale, who's two tracks on this compilation have never been released before. A few others comprising this double album did go on to find success such as country star Webb Foley, Ray Smith and Lucky Wray (brother of Link Wray, who also plays on the song).

Although many will associate the beginning of rockabilly with Elvis Presley's time on Sun Records, enthusiasts will point to Beamon Fors's 1955 song 'You Better Go Now' as the first true 'rockabilly' release, the opening track of this album. This recording contains many of the crucial rockabilly elements taken from rock 'n' roll, country and bluegrass: jangly guitars, pulsating bass lines, wailing lap steel and howling vocals wrapped in a ball of energy ready to explode - a perfect representation of 'Red Hot Rockabilly: Got Rockin' On My Mind'.

Original, authentic and with extensive sleeve notes on all the artists featured; this is a valuable look into America's musical history.

CD 1

1. Beaman Forse - You Better Go Now
2. Gene Terry & His Kool Kats - The Woman I Love
3. Jimmy Witter - If You Love My Woman
4. The Three Ramblers - If You Call That Love
5. The Three Ramblers - Walking Talking Baby Doll
6. Arlie Miller & The Bullets - Lou Ann
7. Jim Foley and The Big Beats - Goodbye Train
8. Curley Jim Morrison - Rock N Roll Itch
9. Curley Jim Morrison - Air Force Blues
10. Tennessee Thompson With The Boomerangs - Saturday Ball
11. Tennessee Thompson - With The Boomerangs- Slippin' And Sliddin'
12. Larry Dowd & The Rockin' A Tones - Blue Swinging Mama
13. Red Moore & The Rhythm Drifters - Crawdad Song
14. Jimmy Grubbs & His Music Makers - Lets Rock Tonight
15. H-Tombs - Sweet Rockin' Mama
16.Franklin Stewart & The Stewart Brothers - That Long Black Train
17. Billy Wayne - I Love My Baby
18. Carl Miller - Rhythm Guitar
19. Ray Scottand The Demons- You Drive Me Crazy
20. Kenny McKennon & His Blue Cats - Call Your Daddy Baby
21. Tim Dinkins & The Texas Cut Ups - Cattin' Tonight
22. Ray McCoy & The Stanton Combo - Rockin' Baby
23. Ray McCoy & The Stanton Combo - I Need It
24. Cecil Campbell And His Tennessee Ramblers - Rock And Roll Fever
25. Eddie Skelton - Keep It Swinging

CD 2

1. Curley Griffin - Got Rockin' On My Mind
2. Orange Ray Hubbard - Sweet Love
3. Jimmy Stayton & His Country Cats - You're Gonna Treat Me Right
4. Lanie Walker & His Black Mountain Boys - No Use Knocking On My Door
5. Webb Foley - Little Bitty Mama
6. Eddie Cash and the Cashiers - Doing All Right
7. Dale Vaughn & The Starnotes - How Can You Be Mean To Me
8. Gradie O'Nealand The Bella Tones- Baby O' Baby
9. Gradie O'Neal and The Bella Tones -Turkey Neck Stretch
10. Ray Taylor & Alabama Pals - My Hamtramck Baby
11. G. Self - Roll On Big Mama
12.Jerry Hanson - I'm Doing Alright
13. Lucky Wray With Link And Doug Wray- Teenage Cutie
14. Al Barkle - Jumpin From Six To Six
15. Phil Gray & His Go Boys - Bluest Boy In Town
16. Phil Gray & His Go Boys -Pepper Hot Baby
17. Graham B - Rock 'n' Roll Fever
18. Ray Smith & His Rockin' Wranglers - Gone Baby Gone
19. Ray Smith & His Rockin' Wranglers - Swingin' Boogie
20. Ralph Pruitt With His Rhythm Boys - Hey Mr. Porter
21. Jimmy Dale - Baby Doll (Un-issued cut)
22. Jimmy Dale - Darlin (Un-issued cut)
23. Bill Davenport & His Circle D Ranch Hands - Rock 'n' Roll With Mom And Dad
24. Rex Hale & His Rhythm Masters - Down Big Mamas House
25. Johnny Denton - Hey Babe