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The Animals - Ark - CD Album & Vinyl LP

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Format: CD & LP

With their gritty, bluesy sound and Eric Burdon's deep, powerful voice, The Animals took the world by storm when they released their epic transatlantic No. 1 hit, 'The House Of The Rising sun'.

As a consequence they spent most of their time on the road which meant there was little time for recording, and only released three albums during their heyday. After the first incarnation of the band split up in the mid-60's, followed by several line-up changes and solo projects, the band re-united to record the 1977 aptly named album 'Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted' (Cat. No. SECLP108).

This album stems from the second and last reunion effort from the five original Animals from the group's first incarnation: Eric Burdon (vocals), Alan Price (keys), Hilton Valentine (guitar), Chas Chandler (bass) and John Steel (drums). Ark was released in 1983 on Castle Records and was followed by a concert tour resulting in the live album 'Greatest Hits Live'.

With vocals as powerful and vicious as ever, strong backing vocals and even stronger melodies, this album brings you all the rawness you would expect from the Animals while at the same time presenting a more mature, artfully produced sound.

Enjoy 'Ark' as a loud and raw look at the end of the golden era of British R'n'B.



01. Loose Change
02. Love Is For All Time
03. My Favourite Enemy
04. Prisoner Of The Night
05. Being There
06. Hard Times
07. The Night
08. Trying To Get To You
09. Just Can't Get Enough
10. Melt Down
11. Gotta Get Back To You
12. Crystal Nights
13. No John No
14. It's Too Late


Side 1
1. Loose Change
2. Love Is For All Time
3. My Favorite Enemy
4. Prisoner Of The Light
5. Being There
6. Hard Times

Side 2
1. The Night
2. Trying To Get To You
3. Just Can't Get Enough
4. Melt Down
5. Gotta Get Back To You
6. Crystal Nights

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