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Shakatak - Eyes Of The World - Vinyl LP




Shakatak's new studio album Eyes Of The World on CD and vinyl including booklet with lyrics.

Vinyl includes full 14 Track CD Album.

Engineered and programmed by Bill Sharpe, George Anderson and Jill Saward  at Fen Farm Studios UK, Babel Studios Amsterdam and Sunset Studios Sardinia.

Shakatak are:
Bill Sharpe (Keyboards)
Saward (Vocals)
Roger Odell (Drums)
George Anderson (Bass)

Guest musicians:
Keith Winter/Fridrik Karlsson (Guitars)
Jacqui Hicks/Debby Bracknell (Backing vocals)
Derek Nash (Saxes)
Sid Gauld (Trumpet)

Special Guests:
Don Grusin (Ac Pno) on “Sunflowers”
Nelson Rangell (Tenor Sax) on “Eyes Of The World”



Side One
1. Love Is Gonna Getcha 
2. Eyes Of The World
3. Sunflowers 
4. Every Day Is Summer

Side Two
1. Never Ending Night
2. After The Rain
3. Love Will Take You There
4. Eastern Dawn