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The Fall

The Fall - Yarbles - Vinyl LP



Format: LP

Secret Records releases a vinyl LP of selected highlights from the British alternative legends gig at King George's Hall, Blackburn on 22nd September 2002.
This live LP captures the band on top form, with Smith snarling and chanting out hits like 'Hey! Luciani', 'Cyber Insekt' and 'Touch Sensitive', before ending with a rock'n'roll triad of the brilliant Kinks cover 'Victoria', 'White Lightnin'' and the hypnotically repetitive 'Hit The North'. Also available as a CD/DVD triple pack with 9 additional tracks (SECDP088 -Creative Distortion).

Side 1

1. To Nkroachment: Yarbles
2. Cyber Insekt
3. Behind The Counter
4. Touch Sensitive
5. Hey! Luciani
6. There's A Ghost In My House

Side 2

1. Mr Pharmacist
2. Bourgeois Blues
3. I Wake Up In City/My Ex Classmate's Kids
4. Victoria
5. White Lightnin'
6. Hit The North