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John Mayall

John Mayall - Howling at the Moon - Vinyl LP



Format: LP

Secret Records releases a live John Mayall 180g LPrecorded in the USA and Italy during a 1982 tour featuring a reformed Blues-breakers group.

"˜Howlin' At The Moon' gives a live snapshot into John Mayall's 1982 tours through the USA and Italy that saw him reform the Blues-breakers specifically with Mick Taylor on guitar and another famous alumni - John McVie of Fleetwood Mac on bass (only for the USA recordings). From a song-writing viewpoint, "˜Howlin' At The Moon' clearly demonstrates the variety of Mayall's ability not only a writer but also as a bandleader able to harness some of the finest playing from his all-star group.
"˜Emergency Boogi' highlights Mayall's own playing prowess on piano and harmonica with Taylor providing some fierce slide guitar to back it up. On slow blues jams "˜Rolling With The Blues', "˜Sitting Here Alon' and "˜Howlin' Moon', we are treated to extended solos from Taylor on guitar and Mayall on piano/harmonica, using the band dynamic to ascend to thrilling climaxes throughout. John McVie and drummer Colin Allen provide a rock solid rhythm foundation as the perfect back-drop for the masterful lead playing. "˜Room To Mov' begins with a jazz fusion flavoured jam with Mayall scatting rhythms with his mouth that are matched by Allen, swiftly moving onto a traditional blues boogie. Rounding off the LP is a rollicking rendition of "˜The Stumbl', executed with a powerful energy and groove from the whole band to leave a lasting impression.
Enjoy "˜Howlin' At the Moon' as a raw and thrilling look at one of the finest British blues masters doing what he does best alongside a supremely talented group of musicians.

Side 1

1. Emergency Boogie
2. Rolling with the Blues
3. Howlin' Moon

Side 2

1. Room to Move
2. Sitting Here Alone
3. The Stumble