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999 - Emergency In Darlington - CD + DVD Album



The selection of songs that 999 set before the enthusiastic faithful gathered within the Victorian carapace of Darlington's Forum on the Easter Saturday of 2006 revealed a good deal about the reasons that underpin the legendary London quartet's enduring appeal. Their opening double salvo of 'Black Flowers For The Brid' and 'Inside Out' were committed to vinyl separated by a gap of almost fifteen years, yet both songs crackle with the devotional levels of energy and conviction that typify 999's approach to rock'n'roll.

Live concert filmed and recorded at The Forum, Darlington, 15th April 2006.



  1. Black Flowers For The Bride
  2. Inside Out
  3. Hit Me
  4. Feelin' Alright With The Crew
  5. Boys In The Gang
  6. Titanic (My Over) Reaction
  7. Lie Lie Lie
  8. Obsessed
  9. Really Like You
  10. Lil Red Riding Hood
  11. Don't You Know I Need You
  12. Emergency
  13. The Biggest Prize In Sport
  14. Nasty Nasty
  15. Homicide
  16. Chicane Destination
  17. Let's Face It
  18. English Wipeout
  19. I'm Alive


  1. Inside Out
  2. Hit Me
  3. Feelin' Alright With The Crew
  4. Boys In The Gang
  5. Titanic (My Over) Reaction
  6. Lie Lie Lie
  7. Obsessed
  8. Really Like You
  9. Lil Red Riding Hood
  10. Don't You Know I Need You
  11. Emergency
  12. The Biggest Prize In Sport
  13. Nasty Nasty
  14. Homicide
  15. Chicane Destination
  16. Let's Face It
  17. English Wipeout
  18. I'm Alive