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Stiff Little Fingers

Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device - CD / DVD Album



Format: CD

"‹Filmed & Recorded live at The Ocean, Hackney, London 9th October 2004.
"‹As a machine so well oiled they could do gigs in their sleep and they have never failed to give anything but 110% every night."‹The gig was electric, this night was very special, this was Stiff Little Fingers with all engines burning.
If you were at this show those many moons ago then you'll understand and if not once you place this CD + DVD set you'll get the vibe and see what you missed. Either way you'll feel lucky to be part of it and hopefully you'll see them on the road sometime in the future.
Track listing"‹"‹:

  1. At The Edge
  2. Roots, Radics, Rockers And Reggae
  3. Nobody's Hero
  4. Walking Dynamite
  5. Just Fade Away
  6. Bits Of Kids
  7. Strummerville
  8. Each Dollar A Bullet
  9. Is This What You Fought The War For?
  10. Listen
  11. Doesn't Make It Alright
  12. Can't Get Away With That
  13. Barbed Wire Love
  14. Fly The Flag
  15. Wasted Life
  16. Tin Soldiers
  17. Suspect Device
  18. Guitar And Drum
  19. Back To Front
  20. Alternative Ulster

"‹DVD is in NTSC (Will Play Worldwide)