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Terrorvision - Hit List - CD+DVD Album



Format: CD + DVD

Recorded at London's Kentish Town Forum on April 15th 2005, 'Hit List' is a sparkling, choon-stuffed document of a band whose demise was a real tragedy for the British rock scene, but whose contribution to our listening habits over the last few years is destined to ensure their inclusion as much more than a footnote in rock's history books. No wonder the boys' long-awaited return to the stage was greeted by a chorus of ecstatic shrieking from their still mourning fan base. You can tell by listening to these bold, passionate performances and the near-hysterical reaction they provoke from the crowd that an important, lasting bond had been created between this band and their legion of fans; a rare achievement in times when there's a new next big thing arriving every ten minutes (and then disappearing ten minutes later).
Great songs never age and Terrorvision seldom did anything other than write and record great songs, a skill best exemplified by the frankly heroic 'Oblivion', arguably one of the very best radio-friendly rock songs to breach the UK charts over the last 20 years and a thunderous sonic thumbs-up to the power of backing vocals that go bop-bah-hoo-wop and the exceedingly tricky art of the contagious, sprightly, 100 per cent solid sunshine rock riff.

Track listing
CD + DVD (double pack)

1. Enteralterego
2. D'Ya Wanna Go Faster?
3. Josephine
4. Friends & Family
5. Alice What's The Matter
6. American TV
7. Stop The Bus
8. Still The Rythm
9. Some People Say
10. My House
11. Celebrity Hit List
12. Fist Of Fury
13. What Makes You Tick
14. Dog Chewed The Handle
15. Bad Actress
16. Middle Man
17. Tequila
18. Pretend Best Friend
19. Oblivion
20. Discothèque Wreck
21. Perseverance

    DVD is in NTSC and will play worldwide.