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Charged GBH

Charged GBH - City Baby Attacked by Rats - CD+DVD Album



Format: CD + DVD

CD and DVD double-pack of GBH's gig at the Coronet in London on the 29th August 2004.
The influential, long-lived punk metal band G.B.H. rose to prominence in England during the early '80s when hardcore punk began turning toward heavy metal. GBH were street punk pioneers of the UK82 second wave of British punk, along with Discharge, Broken Bones, The Exploited, The Varukers and the The Skeptix, and the name was inspired by then-bassist Sean McCarthy's trial for grievous bodily harm.
Originally formed in 1979 in Birmingham, England, the leather-clad, spiked-hair foursome began recording for the Clay label in the early '80s, releasing some singles before unleashing their influential debut album, City Baby Attacked by Rats, in 1982. The album was marked lyrically with harsh criticism of British and European culture, typical of UK punk. It was also full of violence, morbidity (especially in reference to the song "Passenger On The Menu", which describes in graphic detail the experiences of the passengers on the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571), atheism, nihilism, social anarchism, and generalised absurdity. Although not political, the album's lyrics do seem remarkably socially aware. This kind of content would later follow up in later GBH releases.
City Baby's Revenge followed two years later in 1984, by which time the band had become one of the leading punk metal bands of the era. G.B.H. continued recording and releasing albums throughout the '80s, though their influence progressively waned as a new wave of bands such as Slayer emerged and pushed punk metal toward what became known as speed metal and, in turn, thrash. Despite its waning influence, G.B.H. soldiered on, recording new albums throughout the '90s and into the next millennium. By this point the band was often cited by both metal and punk bands as a huge influence, and a renewed interest in G.B.H.'s early recordings resulted.
Keeping its original punk rock roots since its formation, unlike many other former punk bands, especially hardcore bands who later formed the Post-Punk genre of the mid to late 80s, the band has experimented with, alongside many other hardcore punk bands, notably The Exploited, a bit of what is known as metal crossover.
G.B.H. is still active and touring and maintains a strong cult following both in England and the rest of Europe, as well as in America and Japan.

1. Ha Ha
2. Falling Down
3. Diplomatic Immunity
4. Freak Of Nature
5. Time Bomb
6. Gunned Down
7. Prayer Of A Realist
8. Maniac
9. Drugs Party In 526
10. Crush 'Em
11. Catch 23
12. I Am The Hunted
13. Give Me Fire
14. Sick Boy
15. Womb With A View
16. City Baby Attacked By Rats
17. City Baby's Revenge
18. I Feel Alright
19. Race Against Time