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U.K. Subs

U.K. Subs - Warhead - CD+DVD Album



Format: CD + DVD Double

A CD and DVD double-pack of the U.K. Subs' concert at The Marquee, London, 24th October 2002.

In a limp, modern world of photogenic, manufactured pop karaoke artists, two very important elements seem to be missing; fire and anger. If that's what you're looking for, then here it is - the U.K. Subs.

Punk grew up against a desperate social and political backdrop, and as history always seems to repeat itself, it's hardly surprising that over a quarter century after this explosive outfit first trod the boards that the Subs should still be here, as incandescent as ever. It didn't take the band long to make a noise worth listening to. Punk was already at its height in early 78 when they made their recording debut on the Various' album Farewell To The Roxy. But by Christmas 1978 they had their own single out on the City label, C.I.D./ I Live In A Car / B.I.C. which attracted the attention of RCA's Gem label, and a recording career which spans almost three decades had begun.

Despite the inevitable line-up changes any band undergoes over the years, the Subs have lost none of their driving, angry power. With over 20 albums, dozens of singles and various compilations, this is an industrious, dedicated band who still have a lot to say in a new century where most of the problems they justifiably railed against in the last one have refused to go away, despite the rambling, empty promises of politicians.

This DVD finds today's U.K. Subs - originals Charlie Harper and Nicky Garrett, with 80's recruits Alvin Gibbs on bass and Steve Roberts on drums, in fine form at that legendary rock glory hole, The Marquee, doing what they've always done with a welcome, barbarian savagery which would be totally alien to today's complacent, instant-fame teenie 'stars'. The Punk movement, in the form of its faithful following, has never gone away, and bands like the Subs have kept the flame burning.

Back in 1977, vocalist Charlie Harper said: "˜I'll still be playing down in the local pub once or twice a week in 20 years' time - if I'm still here - and that'll be good enough for m'. Well, Charlie, you are still here - and that's good enough for all of us. - Roy Bainton

Release date: 2nd February 2015

CD & DVD Track-list

1. Living Dead
2. Cyberjunk
3. Squat 96
4. Lay Down And Die
5. Ice Age
6. Sensitive Boys
7. Emotional Blackmail
8. Left For Dead
9. Rockers
10. Crash Course
11. Endangered Species
12. Time And Matter
13. New York State Police
14. Down On The Farm
15. Party In Paris
16. Tomorrows Girls
17. Warhead
18. Stranglehold
19. C.I.D.
20. Tomorrows Girls 2
21. Limo Life
22. You Don't Belong
23. I Couldn't Be You