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Hawkwind - 77 - 2CD Album



Format: 2CD

Exclusive to Secret Records is the definitive double-disc, live album by the British rock legends.
Hawkwind is more than a band. What started as an experiment of sound, energy and performance is now retrospectively classified as one of the cornerstones of rock history. Having had a career going for over 40 years and 27 albums, one can often wonder at which points may be considered as the band’s career climaxes. ‘77’ is an album that proves the year 1977 was not only one of Hawkwind’s career highlights but was also the point that revealed the extent of their influence.
‘77’ is a set of recordings made across this pivotal year that captures the band’s presence as the trend-setters and never the followers. Including classics such as ‘Masters of the Universe’ and ‘Sonic Attack‘: prepare for the live album that truly defines what this establishment of rock wanted to say. Hawkwind is more than a band. Hawkwind is an entity.

1. Masters Of The Universe
2. High Rise
3. Uncle Sam's On Mars
4. Damnation Alley & Damnation Ally Part 2
5. Welcome To The Future
6. Robot
7. Hash Cake
8. Angels Of Life
9. Freefall
CD 2
1. Quark, Strangeness and Charm
2. Over The Top
3. Magnu
4. Death Trap
5. Spirit Of Age
6. Nuclear Toy
7. Who's Gonna Win The War
8. Sonic Attack