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Shakatak - The Ultimate Chill Album - CD Album



16 Instrumental chill out songs Compiled by Shakatak.

When we record a Shakatak album there's always room for a few ballads and slow tunes as they balance out the running order and it's a nice breather for the listener. Often those tracks are overlooked and rarely get heard so we had the idea to put together a selection of mostly slow instrumentals that have a nice, relaxed vibe to them and run together to create our first chill album.

Hope you enjoy and just relax with the Shaks.



1. Andre’s Place (Beautiful Day 2005)
2. Domino Dance (Afterglow 2009)
3. Slinky (In The Blue Zone 2019)
4. China Bay (Into The Blue 1986)
5. Osaka Skyline (Emotionally Blue 2007)
6. You Never Know (Drivin’ Hard 1981)
7. Mornington Crescent (Beautiful Day 2005)
8. Waterfall (Across the World 2011)
9. The Squizzle (Under Your Spell 2001)
10. Lagoon (Emotionally Blue 2007)
11. Tortola Sunset (Blue Savannah 2003)
12. Blue Azure (Full Circle 1994)
13. High Town (In The Blue Zone 2019)
14. Waves (Drivin’ Hard 1981)
15. L'Aggio L'Amour (Golden Wings 1987)
16. Siberian Breeze (Street Level 1993)