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The Toy Dolls / Christophe Sauniere

The Toy Dolls / Christophe Sauniere - Jazzed Up - CD Album



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In an atmospheric location in central Paris, a jazz ensemble are tuning up to embark on a recording. Their leader is Christophe Saunière, who has already directed a group of classical musicians through a selection of numbers from The Toy Dolls' back catalogue on his album 'Classic Toy Dolls'.

Now it's the turn of jazz. There's a momentary hush. The anticipation is palpable as the band are counted in to the 'Intro' track, and straight away, they hit the groove and the recording begins.

This is Olga's oeuvre as you've never heard it before.  If you marvelled at the musicianship on display on the Classic Album, you'll be blown away by the virtuosity on offer here.

These cats know what they're doing.



1. Intro 0:45
2. We’re Mad 5:02
3. Benny The Boxer 3:13
4. Carol Dodds Is Pregnant 6:23
5. Glenda And The Test Tube Baby 3:43
6. Idle Gossip 5:38
7. She Goes To Fino’s 2:58
8. Deirdre’s A Slag 4:35
9. I Tried To Trust Tracey 4:55
10. There’s A Trollop Up Elmwood Street 7:21
11. Melancholy Margaret 2:53
12. Harry’s Hand 4:27
13. Dougy Giro 2:19
14. Dig That Groove Baby 2:32
15. Outro 1:58