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The Toy Dolls

The Toy Dolls - Another Bleedin' Best Of! + Bonus Tracks - CD Album



Format: CD

Track listing

  1. Jeans Been
  2. I'm A Telly Addict
  3. Dig That Groove Baby
  4. Cheatin' Chick From China
  5. Nellie The Elephant (Live)
  6. I've Had Enough O'Magaluf
  7. Barry The Roofer
  8. Tommy Kowey's Car
  9. I Gave My Heart To A Slag Called Sharon From Whitely Bay
  10. She Goes To Finos(Live)
  11. I Caught It From Camilla
  12. Idle Gossip
  13. Poor Davey
  14. The Final Countdown
  15. Decca's Drinkin' Dilemma (Bonus Track)
  16. Down At The Old 29 (Bonus Track)
  17. I've Got Asthma (Olga Acoustic Version)
  18. Sunderland Celebrity (Bonus Track)