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The Fall

The Fall - 13 Killers - CD Album



Format: CD

Secret Records releases 13 early tracks between 1977-1987 from the British alternative legends on CD and double LP.

Describing The Fall to a new listener is a task that even the most talented word smith would find problem with. A mixture of punk fury, spoken word and shamanic chanting that basks in repeated, near-cacophonous guitar riffs and tribal drum textures, it's more simple to sum up by stating 'that's The Fall'. Particularly Mark E Smith; the only remaining founding member who makes up 'the pol' to the 'ever revolving door of member changes' idiom, he has led the band through unrelenting decades of musical manufacture to establish himself as a bona fide, alternative music landmark.

Now with 30 studio albums and counting, The Fall show no signs of slowing their output. However, Secret Records compilation '13 Killers' eases the pace to have a look at some of their finer, unreleased material from their developmental years. Including live cuts (some tracks taken from 'The Legendary Chaos Tap'), unreleased demos and cover versions recorded across various locations - '13 Killers' looks to fill gaps within even the most devoted The Fall fans collection. With NME recently claiming Mark E Smith as the #1 cult music hero- it is still clear how much this band means to so many.


1. Strychnine
2. Repetition
3. Psykick Dancehall
4. Stepping Out
5. New Face In Hell
6. Dresden Dolls
7. Back Drop
8. Fiery Jack
9. Various Times
10. Container Driver
11. Leave The Capitol
12. Spector vs. Rector
13. Hey Luciani

LP 1

A1. Strychnine
A2. Repetition
A3. Psykick Dancehall
A4. Stepping Out
B1. New Face In Hell
B2. Dresden Dolls
B3. Back Drop

LP 2

A1. Fiery Jack
A2. Various Times
A3. Container Driver
B1. Leave The Capitol
B2. Spector vs. Rector
B3. Hey Luciani