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Shakatak - The Best Of - CD Album



Format: CD digipack 

As the jazz-funk legends mark the 32ndyear of their career, Secret Records unleashes the definitive Shakatak "˜Best Of' compilation.
Not many bands can say that they have lasted 32 years especially playing a genre as niche as jazz-funk. But this is what always has and what always will prove about Shakatak: they're not like anyone else! Always looking to move forward and never settle on their past Shakatak have rolled with the changing times and carried on their beat-based mission. From the grandeur of 1980's success around the world, particularly in Japan where they have a number of exclusive Japanese releases, to more moderate success currently at home in the UK the band now celebrate their lifetime with a brand new "˜Best Of' compilation alongside another UK tour.
Dating all the way back to their first album,1980's "˜Drivin' Hard',this track-listing has been put together focusing on the fan favourites such as "˜Living In The UK', "˜Don't Blame It On Lov', "˜Out Of This World' and the Al Jarreau collaboration "˜Day By Day'. Of course the quality "˜Best Of' albums include not only fan favourites but also the killer tracks that brought them chart success so "˜"˜Easier Said Than Don' (1981 #12), Night Birds' (1982 #9) and "˜Down On The Street' (1984 #9) are unquestionably included ensuring a proper overview of this timeless band.

Check out "˜The Best Of' and catch Shakatak on tour to fully comprehend what makes them one of the UK's greatest bands in terms of musical quality and output, their live prowess and the unrelenting musicianship that has flowed throughout their career.

1. Brazilian Dawn
2. City Rhythm
3. Dark Is the Night
4. Day By Day
5. Don't Blame It On Love
6. Down On the Street
7. Easier Said Than Done
8. Emotionally Blue
9. Golden Wings
10. Invitations
11. Living In the Uk
12. Lonely Afternoon
13. Mr Manic and Sister Cool
14. Night Birds
15. Out Of This World
16. Stranger
17. Streetwalkin'
18. Watching You