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Napalm Death

Napalm Death - Enemy of The Music Business/Leaders Not Followers - CD Album



Format: CD

The British grind-core legends have their 9thalbum re-released versionon CD that includes their 1999 covers EP 'Leaders Not Followers' available on the 11thFebruary through Secret Records.
Few extreme British metal bands have made as much of an impact as Napalm Death. Since the release of their debut album"˜Scum',the band has consistently upped their game with each new album to produce some of the heaviest and most brutal music in the metal genre.
Although their line-up changed almost completely since their debut, by the time of "˜EOTMB's 2000 release the band had their most stable line-up with Mark 'Barney Greenway'on vocals, Shane Emburyon bass, Mitch Harrison guitar and backing vocals, Jesse Pintadoon guitarand Danny Herreraplaying drums.At this point Napalm Death werehitting a creatively angry peak with many of the songs on the album and the album name heatedly aimed at their former label, Earache. This disagreement only added more attitude and aggression fuel to their lyrical and musical fire highlighted on tracks such as "˜Vermin' and "˜Thanks For Nothing'. "˜EOTMB' is an important recording for any Napalm Death and grind-core fans as it is the last release to feature late legendary guitarist Jesse Pintado.

The re-issued CD comes with their 1999 EP "˜Leaders Not Followers' featuring song covers originally by Death, Dead Kennedys, Pentagram and others. Prepare your ears for annihilation!

1. Taste The Poison
2. Next On The List
3. Constitutional Hell
4. Vermin
5. Volume Of Neglect
6. Thanks For Nothing
7. Can't Play Won't Play
8. Blunt Against The Cutting Edge
9. Cure For The Common Complaint
10. Necessary Evil
11. C.S. (Conservative Shithead) Part 2
12. Mechanics Of Deceit
13. (The Public Get) What The Public Doesn't Want
14. Fracture In The Equation
("˜Leaders Not Followers' bonus tracks on CD version)
15. Politicians (Raw Power cover)
16. Incinerator (Slaughter cover)
17. Demonic Possession (Pentagram cover)
18. Maggots In Your Coffin (Repulsion cover)
19. Back From The Dead (Death cover)
20. Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedys cover)