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Purpleman - Confessions - Vinyl LP




The album is pressed on 180-gram vinyl, including sleeve notes.

Purpleman, also known as Purple Man or Peter Yellow, was a Jamaican dancehall deejay who emerged in the 1980s. He was known for his unique vocal style, energetic performances, and colorful stage presence. Purpleman was closely associated with the sound system scene in Jamaica and gained popularity with his lively performances at dances and parties.
His stage name, Purpleman, likely came from his distinctive skin condition, which caused his skin to appear purple under certain lighting conditions. Purpleman's lyrics often touched on themes such as social commentary, partying and boastfulness, typical of the dancehall genre.
Some of Purpleman's notable songs include "Feeling Irie," "Sandra Lee Buy Big House Fi Me," and "King On The Way." 
Purpleman's contributions to dancehall music are remembered, and he remains respected for his impact on the genre.
This album, when released in 1983, was originally credited as Yellowman. Purpleman was the true artist on this album. Here it is now, with the correct artist credit to Purpleman. 



Side 1
1. Can't Tell Mi Bossman (3:26)
2. Paulette (3:49)
3. We’re Badder Than Them (3:21)
4. Carry Us Home (3:40)
5. No Luck In Trafficating (3:37)

Side 2
1. Jah My Guiding Master (3:46)
2. Can't Get No Money (3:16)
3. Fiscal Fitness (3:33)
4. Session Inna Westmoreland (3:41)