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owen gray

Owen Gray - Singles 1969-1972 - 2CD Album



Owen Gray was the island’s first home grown star to sing in a style that wasn’t mento, calypso or jazz.

Bursting on the scene with a string of hits, repeatedly topping the Jamaican charts, sometimes for months at a time, he's now eighty years of age… not eighty years old, and he has never, ever stopped making marvellous records.

Here on CD for the first time are his singles from 1969 to 1972


Disc one


Girl What You’re Doing To Me 02:38

Woman A Grumble 02:07

Don’t Take Your Love Away 02:31

Two Lovers 02:58

Every Beat Of My Heart 02:30

Don’t Cry 02:19

Don’t Sign The Paper 03:04

Packing Up Lonelyness 02:42

Bring Back Your Love 02:26

Go.  To Come Back 02:30

Groove Me 02:30

No Other One 02:26

I Am Satisfied 02:30

I Am In Love Again 01:52

Surfin 02:51

All The Love 02:18


Disc Two

Candida 03:35

When Will I Find My Way 03:37

You Gonna Miss Me 02:43

I Hear You Knocking 02:39

Summer Sand 02:45

Something To Remind Me 03:28

Nothing Can Separate Us 02:17

Girl I Want You To Understand 02:27

Sincerely 03:26

Hold On I’m Coming 02:27

Time 03:17

Hail The Man 02:34

I’ll Follow You 02:34

Please Don’t Make Me 07:29

Please  Don’t Dub 07:10