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Owen gray

Owen Gray - Little Girl + Hit After Hit After Hit- Double CD



Owen Gray was the island’s first home grown star to sing in a style that wasn’t mento, calypso or jazz.

This two albums on one CD Doublepack features Owen Gray's "Little Girl" from 1984 and 1981's "Hit After Hit After Hit"

First time on CD for both albums


1          He'll Have To Go

2          Don't Blame It On Me

3          Little Girl

4          Islands In The Stream

5          Rolling Stone

6          Please Don't Make Me Do

7          Where We Are Going

8          Don't Keep Me Waiting

9          If You Were Mine

10        If You Were Mine (Version)

11        Same One

12        Endlessly

13        Stand By Me

14        When A Man Loves A Woman

15        Life Like A Millionaire

16        Don't Leave Me Baby

17        Closer To The Phone

18        Dark End Of The Street

19        Chain Gang

20        I've Got Sunshine

21        Tennessee Waltz

22        Come Closer To Me

23        Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

24        Way Me Do You, Girl

25        Hold Him Joe

26        Yes Sir Mr. Barney

27        Rude Boy Skank

28        I Can't Stop Loving You

29        Dream Lover

30        Guava Jelly

31        If I Had A Hammer

32        Only Sixteen

33        Rock You, Tonight

34        Mother Are Crying

35        Shook, Shimmy And Shake

36        If I Were A Carpenter

37        Come Home

38        Candy

39        My Shining Star

40        Heaven Just Knows

41        Dread Up In A Trench Town

42        Burning