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Pussy - Pussy Plays Again - CD Album



Pussy Plays Again the follow up album to the original 1969 classic 
The original ‘Pussy Plays’ album was released in 1969. That album had a psychedelic and freaky, fuzz n' wah-wah guitar with swirling keyboards and a classic '60s production loaded with all the studio effects of the era. Pussy Plays is undoubtedly also one of the most obscure and beautiful psychedelic albums of the 1960s.  

So here at last, after 55 years, the follow-up album to that first hugely iconic British Psych album, Pussy Plays. The original Pussy drummer Steve Townsend and ex-Iron Maiden guitarist Bob Sawyer, along with friends Paul Jackson and Rick Cullen, came together for the follow up album Pussy Plays Again. The recording techniques were basic, the sound is lo-fi, and where this is less than puurrrfect, we believe the quality of the music itself and the imagination and creativity shine through. 

Available on both CD and Vinyl. The album has an insert with comprehensive sleeve notes. The vinyl issue also includes CD Album with 12 tracks.



1. Diggin' Holes In The Sun (4.08)
2. A Heaven Of Pain (5.51)
3. Requiem In C Minor (1.01)
4. Blood On Your Wheels (8.06)
5. Sanctus (1.08)
6. Transmission Of Unknown Origin / Forbidden Zone (7.14)
7. Earthrise (0.44)
8. Rain Grey Town (5.15)
9. Shadow Of The Blues (5.02)
10. Vulnavian (1.16)
11. New Age Dystopia (7.23)
12. Cat Road Show (4.38)