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The Magic Mixture

The Magic Mixture - This Is The Magic Mixture - CD Album



The Magic Mixture were a London based psychedelic band comprising Terry Thomas (guitar/vocals), Melvyn Hacker (bass), Jack Collins (drums) and Stan Curtis (organ) . 

The 60’s were productive years, though if one explores these years, you’ll find that most of the bands that rose during those heady days had some real talent, some sincere visions, and a burning desire to shape a bit of the music scene with their sonic atmospheres.

The magic found within these highly prized and rare grooves shows they did pulsate with the moment. This Is The Magic Mixture, should certainly be considered an essential part of the garage psych movement that flowered during 1968.



1. (I'm So) Sad (4:13)
2. Urge To Leave (2:29)
3. You (2:56)
4. Slowly The Day (3:53)
5. New Man (2:59)
6. Living On A Hill (2:56)
7. It's Alright By Me (2:59)
8. When I Was Young (2:53)
9. Hey Little Girl (2:22)
10. Tomorrow's Sun (3:19)
11. Motor Bike Song (2:31)
12. Moon Beams (4:06)