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Desmond Dekker - Rude Boy Ska - Vinyl LP ( Red)

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Format: Vinyl ( Red ) 

12 Monster tracks from The King of Ska

Includes: Israelites and 0.0.7 (Shanty Town)

180 gram RED vinyl + extensive sleeve notes

Desmond Adolphus Dacres was born on 16th July 1941 in Saint Andrew Parish, Greater Kingston, Jamaica. As a youngster Desmond regularly attended his local church with his grandmother and aunt. Here would bring him his lifetime religious commitment and his enjoyment for singing.
Dekker moved to parish of St. Mary following his mothers death as a result of illness. He later to moved to St. Thomas, where he took up an apprenticeship as a tailor, before he moved back to Kingston and landed himself a job as a welder. His co-workers encouraged him to pursue his singing career, he successfully auditioned for Leslie Kong's Beverley's record label and was awarded his first recording contract. As his career took off this was the time he decided to adopt the name Desmond Dekker instead of 'Dacres'.


All tracks recorded at ROLL OVER STUDIOS, London. January 2004.


Side 1

  1. Jamaica Ska (2.28)
  2. Wise Man (2.23)
  3. Intensified (2.47)
  4. Rudy Got Soul (2.52)
  5. The More You Live (2.24)
  6. Israelites (3.07)


Side 2


  1. Pickney Gal (2.47)
  2. Pretty Africa (3.19)
  3. Problems (2.30)
  4. It Mek (2.37)
  5. Don’t Blame Me (2.57)
  6. 007 (Shanty Town) (3.15)
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