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Fairport Convention

Fairport Convention - And The Band Played On - 2CD Album



The live, double-disc release from the British folk rock legends.

'And The Band Played On' sees this remarkable troupe deliver a definitive, headlining set from theirconcert at the Marlowe Theatre Canterbury in February 2003. This set captures everything this band has meant and contributed towards - traditional melodies, soaring vocal harmonies, musicianship to quiver the soul - all delivered in perfect fashion. No less can be expected from a band that has achieved so much and has had the longevity of legends.

Included are favourites such as 'Meet on the Ledg', 'Walk Awhil' and the 'Theme From Mash' all delivered by the key membership of the band's history that includes Dave Pegg, Simon Nicol , Ric Sanders, Chris Leslie, Gerry Conway and Andy Gutteridge.

From the many recordings, both studio and live, that the band have released, 'And The Band Plays On' is the conclusive, live recording that beautifully highlights everything Fairport Convention are and what they have achieved from their fruitful career.

Disc 1
1. Walk Awhile
2. The Game Pieces
3. The Wood & The Wire
4. My Love Is In America
5. The Widow of Westmoreland
6. Canny Capers - Medley:
a. Step Away From The Bass
b. Sir Norm De Norm
c. My Gypsy Pal
d. Conway's Cognac
7. Don't Leave Too Soon
8. Western Wind
9. Journeyman's Grace

Disc 2
1. Lakota Lullaby
2. Level Pegging
3. Rosemary's Sister
4. Woodworm Swing
5. The Happyman
6. Heart Of The Song
7. Rosie
8. Claudy Banks
9. John Gaudie
10. Medley:
a.Theme From Mash (Suicide Is Painless)
b. End Of A Holiday
c. Matty Groves
d. Dirty Linen
11. Meet On The Ledge