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The Dickies

The Dickies - Live in Winnipeg 1982 - Vinyl LP



Recorded live at the Wellingtons, Winnipeg in 1982



A1. Nights In White Satin 3:35
A2. You Drive Me Ape 1:54
A3. Pretty Please Me 4:12
A4. The Sound Of Silence 1:32
A5. Poodle Party 1:49
A6. Solitary Confinement 2:29
A7. (I’m Stuck In A Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota 6:10
A8. If Stuart Could Talk 2:52

B1. Fan Mail 4:01
B2. She's A Hunchback 3:40
B3. Curb Job 2:34
B4. Manny, Moe & Jack 2:31
B5. Gigantor 5:28
B6. Paranoid 1:53
B7. Eve Of Destruction 1:40
B8. Banana Splits 1:45