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Niney The Observer

Niney The Observer - Sledge Hammer Dub In The Street Of Jamaica - CD Album



Formats available : CD & LP

Re-release of the classic 1970's Dub album on 180 gram vinyl and on CD with 4 bonus tracks. Released on the revitalised Burning Sounds imprint launching in September.

Niney The Observer's 'Sledgehammer Dub In The Street Of Jamaica' LP has always been considered to be a long lost gem with Dub collectors. Originally released in early 1977 and pressed in a limited quantity of between 300 to 400 copies the record was a compilation of Dubs devoid of vocals but high on rhythms - mixed with feeling and showcasing the talents of both musicians and mixing engineers.

King Tubby's involvement is clear, as is that of all the other parties involved such as Niney, The Soul Syndicate and The Cimarrons to name but a few.

The actual LP title was derived from how King Tubby mixed his tracks. Strong! Niney described the sound coming from the speakers as like having a sledgehammer hitting you on your head.

Niney himself is steeped in Reggae history, making songs for the likes of Lee Perry, Bunny Lee, Joe Gibbs and Coxsone, producing the masterful Blood And Fire cut and being one of the first to experiment with sound in early reggae.

'Sledgehammer Dub In The Street Of Jamaica' was pressed on Nineys own Observer label without a jacket and has become something of a holy grail for collectors of dub. 


01. Dub Long Rastafari
02. Travelling Version
03. You're No Dub Baby
04. Burning Dub
05. Kingsgate Version
06. Dub Now
07. God Bless My Dub
08. Everyon's Dubbing
09. Rich And Poor Dub
10.Tribulation Version
11. Head Line
12. New Style
13. Dub 51
14. Tenement Yard Version

Side 1
1. Dub Long Rastafari
2. Travelling Version
3. You're No Dub Baby
4. Burning Dub
5. Kingsgate Version

Side 2
1. Dub Now
2. God Bless My Dub
3. Everyon's Dubbing
4. Rich And Poor Dub
5. Tribulation Version