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N.S.U. - Turn On, Or Turn Me Down - CD Album



Format: CD


An air of mystery surrounds this album, and indeed, even the label on which it was originally released. DJ and percussionist Count Simon de la Bedoyere (aka Simon Stable) set up the Stable label in 1968, only to fold it a year later, but during that brief spell it released a handful of great albums. One of those was “Turn On, Or Turn Me Down”, the only album made by psychedelic blues rock band N.S.U.. Hailing from Glasgow, and setting out their stall by taking their name from the first track on the first Cream album, they recorded the album over 3 days in February 1969 at De Lane Lea in Holborn, London, a cutting edge studio where Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd had also recorded. Album first released in 1969.



  1. Turn On, Or Turn Me Down
  2. His Town
  3. You Can't Take It From My Heart
  4. Love Talk
  5. All Aboard
  6. The Game
  7. Stoned
  8. Pettsie's Blues
  9. On The Road