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Cliff Wade

Cliff Wade - Look At Me I've Fallen Into A Teapot- CD



Cliff Wade is a singer/songwriter from York who recorded an album at Morgan Studios in 1969 that never saw the light of day.  Look At Me, I’ve Fallen Into A Teapot assembles those 1969 recordings and adds a previously-unheard demo session from 1971 as Cliff took a break from Fickle Pickle, a largely studio-bound act who also featured Geoff Gill and Wil Malone

The Wade/Gill composition ‘Heartbreaker’ was covered by  Pat Benatar, became a hit single in America and was used as the opening track of her 1980 debut album In The Heat Of The Night.  The song was subsequently sampled by American rapper Li’l Kim, and has also appeared on hugely popular American TV shows such as, King Of The Hill and Supernatural as well as being featured in music video games Rock Band, Guitar Hero World Tour and Karaoke Revolution: Presents American Idol.  Perhaps the biggest accolade afforded to the song, however, came when it was covered in the early Eighties by the legendary Alvin & The Chipmunks. 

Cliff’s songs have also been recorded by such disparate names as Tina Turner (‘The Woman I’m Supposed To Be’, which featured on her first solo album) and former Coronation Street actor Kevin ‘Curly Watts’ Kennedy, who had a minor hit with ‘Bulldog Nation’.  This album concentrates on his early exploratory work, made at a time when he was looking to gain a foothold in an industry that he would grace as a singer, musician and writer for decades to come.



  1. You've Never Been To My House (2.34)
  2. Shirley (2.03)
  3. Dagger Lane (2.04)
  4. I See I Am Free (2.00)
  5. Sister (2.29)
  6. Firework (2.45)
  7. Yes I'm Finding Out (2.26)
  8. Gonna Meet The Man (2.10)
  9. Rose Village (2.06)
  10. Empress Of Perisand, Wandering Maid (2.55)
  11. Fern Meadows (4.43)
  12. Casting The First Stone (3.32)
  13. I Could Have Loved Her (3.01)
  14. You Should Have Seen Me (3.15)
  15. Life Story (2.25)
  16. Sandy (2.16)
  17. November (2.10)
  18. Look At Me I've Fallen Into A Teapot (1.51)
  19. People Get The News (3.08)
  20. Did You Know (3.41)
  21. My Little Chicken (3.28)

Demos previously unissued

  1. Lean On My Dictionary (3.12)
  2. People I Know (2.37)
  3. Over Now (3.19)
  4. Bright Meadow (2.01)
  5. On A Windy Night (2.01)
  6. Jennifer (2.25)