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Well Pleased & Satisfied

Well Pleased and Satisfied - Love Train - 180 Gram Red Vinyl LP



Love Train was one of the albums Ephraim ‘Jerry’ Baxter.  recorded under the name Well Pleased And Satisfied with The Revolutionaries backing him.

Recorded at Channel One and Randy’s with a mix done at King Tubby’s. Love Train highlights The Revolutionaries ‘rockers’ sound and is a ‘showcase’ album which means the corresponding dub follows each vocal track. The album contains the original vocal cut of West Man Rock which was dee-jay’ed over by Ken Quatty under the same title, plus some outstanding Revolutionaries dubs of Jerry’s vocal tracks. Love Train, was originally issued by Burning Sounds’ sub-label Burning Rockers on red vinyl in 1979. Burning Sounds have on this re-issue album kept the original colour and label.


180 Gram Red Vinyl 



Side 1
1. Love Train
2. Love Dub
3. Gimme Gimme Love
4. Gimme Dub

Side 2
1. Come With Me
2. Dub With Me
3. West Man Rock
4. Rocking West
5 Took My Baby To A Dance
6. Dancing Dub