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Revelation - Book of Revelation/Variation On A Theme - CD Album



Format: CD

A 2 CD release of the classic 1979 debut album 'Book Of Revelation', and follow up album 'Variation On A Theme'.

Revelation's debut single 'With You Boy' backed with 'Jah Feelings', released on the Write Sounds label in 1978. The record was a huge hit and is acknowledged as a classic. The following year Revelation began work on their debut long player under the auspices of West London's Burning Sounds set up. A companion set, a captivating blend of dub and instrumental versions of the songs, probably best described as 'instru dub', was also released by Burning Sounds later that same year.
Recorded then mixed by Mark Lusardi at Mark Angelo's, widely acknowledged as one of London's leading studios for recording reggae music, the album was the perfect counterpoint to the vocal set and further enhanced the group's redoubtable reputation. The 'Book Of Revelation' and 'Variation On A Theme' albums, a seamless blending of the very best of roots and lovers with 'Unforgettable Horns' from Nicky Norris and saxophone from Ray Carless, both proved to be unqualified successes and propelled Revelation to the forefront of the UK reggae scene.
The band went on to support Junior English on his UK tour and headline at the 100 Club on Oxford Street in the heart London's West End. In 1981 the group were one of the first signings to London's Kingdom label who released a number of twelve inch singles including 'Tonight' and 'That Girl'. It is difficult to resist the temptation to say the Revelation really were a revelation... but they were. By single-mindedly endeavouring to create their own unique music in London they broke down countless barriers and prejudices, musical and sociological, and completely confounded the expectations of what was and what was not real authentic reggae music. The reverberations and repercussions of their accomplished achievements have echoed down the years and will continue to do so.

1. Happiness
2. Survival
3. Why Do You Cry
4. You And I
5. Jook Dem
6. You Let Me Down
7. Never Shun Dem
8. One Sided Affair
9. Release Us
10. DeviationVariation On A Theme
11. You And I
12. Survival
13. Why Do You Cry
14. Happiness
15. Jook Dem
16. Release Us
17. One Sided Affair
18. Never Shun Them
19. You Let Me Down
20. Deviation