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Trevor Hartley & Earl George

Trevor Hartley & Earl George - Innocent Lover + One & Only - CD Album



Format: CD

Born in Morant Bay in the parish of St. Thomas on Jamaica's south coast, Trevor Hartley's ambition from an early age, inspired by Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield, was to be a singer. He has succeeded, enjoying a long and illustrious career, after relocating to London where he began recording regularly. His earliest public appearance was at an end of term concert at his school in Clarendon and, after leaving school Trevor trained as a welder, later stating that singing got him through some of the tougher jobs. In 1975, alongside the great Ronnie Davis, he attended an audition at Joe Gibbs' studio on Retirement Crescent one Sunday afternoon and the pair "were in the studio on Monday" with Errol 'Flabba' Holt on rhythm guitar. The producer, Lloyd Grennan known as Pele, recorded Trevor on 'Rasta Don't Go On So' and one other tune, but the tracks were never released as "the tape got burned in some fire". Not long afterwards Trevor flew to England where his career as a vocalist began to take off.

Track Listing

  1. I Had Just One Wish"‹
  2. Can't Sleep At Night
  3. Two Of A Kind
  4. Free Sons Of The Almighty
  5. Loving You The Way I Should
  6. Innocent Lover
  7. I'll Try My Best
  8. Feeling Lonely
  9. I'm Alright
Earl George - One & Only
A seriously soulful vocalist, Earl George appeared on numerous classic records under a number of different names including Earl Lawrence, L Lawrence, George Earl, George Faith and, on occasion, Earl George.
Born Earl George Lawrence, the second of three children, in Rae Town, Kingston 6th July 1946, his father was a barber and his mother worked as a cook at a textile factory. From the age of fourteen onward Earl, totally captivated by music, would entertain his family and friends with renditions of well known love songs. Like so many other young hopefuls he competed in a number of Vere Johns Junior's talent contests at The Majestic, Palace and Ambassador theatres in downtown Kingston. The victors, judged by audience reaction, would go on to appear on his RJR radio show, 'Vere Johns' Opportunity Knocks Talent Show', which launched the careers of countless Jamaican artists. In his late teens Earl began to perform at live shows all over Jamaica and to make records for a number of the island's fledgling producers.

Track Listing
  1. Love Is
  2. Hooked On A Feeling
  3. Love Is Something
  4. Stand Between Us
  5. A Love To Guide Me
  6. So Many Ways
  7. Love Depression
  8. One And Only
  9. Greenhills
  10. One Night With You