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Linval Thompson

Linval Thompson - Follow My Heart + I Love Jah CD



Format: LP

Linval Thompson was born in 1954 in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Whitfield Town, Kingston 13, where his initial introduction to the music business came in the late sixties when he promoted a local sound system, Sir Percy, to play in his area. In 1968 his mother emigrated to America and settled down to build a new life for her family in the New York borough of Queens and his father, brothers and sisters soon joined her there. Linval followed "in 1969 or 1970" and found that reggae was as renowned in New York as it had been back home in Kingston and he attended regular live stage shows starring many of the genr's top names.
Amongst devotees of 1970s conscious music the name of Linval Thompson is revered as a singer of a number of classics of the genre including 'Cool Down Your Temper' and 'Don't Cut Off Your Dread Locks'. From the 1980s onwards, while never forgetting his roots, Linval established a second career as one of the first, and most important, record producers of the brave new dance hall style.


Follow My Heart

  1. Danger In Your Eyes
  2. Stay A Little Bit Longer
  3. Jumping For Joy
  4. Skillfull Man
  5. Lion And Tiger
  6. If I Follow My Heart
  7. My Baby
  8. Give Me A Chance
  9. Big Opressor
  10. Don't Try To Love Me
I Love Jah
  1. I Can't Stand The Pressure
  2. You Must Feel It
  3. Jah Jah Ah Do It
  4. My Woman Is Gone
  5. I Love Jah
  6. No More War
  7. Stop Loving
  8. Mr.Wicket Man
  9. Never Push Your Brother