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Al Campbell

Al Campbell - Gee Baby + No More Running - CD Album



Format: CD

"Singers like Al Campbell are the backbone of reggae music. He is an artist who can always be relied upon to come up with good songs and vocal performances." Ray Hurford.

Track listing

Gee Baby

  1. Gee Baby
  2. Hide And Seek
  3. Going The Wrong Way
  4. Call Me
  5. It's True
  6. Where Were You
  7. Suit Yourself
  8. Sawing My Love
  9. When And Where
  10. Over Size Man
No More Running
  1. Soul Sister
  2. Foot Stool
  3. Can't Get No Peace
  4. Free Man
  5. When The Grass Is Green
  6. No More Running
  7. Tribal War
  8. You Must Get Beaten
  9. If You Don't Love Jah
  10. Hit Me With Music