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Leroy Smart

Leroy Smart - Jah Loves Everyone + Impressions - CD Album



Format: CD

Leroy Smart, one of Jamaica's most distinctive and original artists, is as well known and respected for his colourful, forceful personality as his unique vocal talents. He has had to struggle hard to reach the pinnacle of his profession and, once he was there, Leroy Smart was determined to never, ever let go. The title of his signature tune, 'Pride And Ambition', succinctly sums up Leroy Smart's astonishing career trajectory and the story of his early years and struggles to succeed in the music business have earned him a reputation second to none. However, as he once stated, "the only thing I am guilty of is defending myself very strongly"

Jah Loves Everyone

  1. No Love For Jah
  2. Have Got To Go
  3. Life Is Not Easy
  4. Jah Loves Everyone
  5. Darling You're Mean To Me
  6. It's Impossible
  7. Maria
  8. Mirror, Mirror
  9. World Of Hatred
  10. Judge No Man
  1. Lorna
  2. Music Is Sweet
  3. Gambling
  4. Jah Is My Future Guide
  5. Don't Let Me Down
  6. Man Of Future
  7. In This Time
  8. Rasta Man
  9. Back Out Weak Heart
  10. You I Can't Forget
  11. Do You Remember
  12. Rasta Time