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Derrick Morgan

Derrick Morgan - Storybook Revisited - CD Album



Format: CD


Booklet contains a new Interview with Derrick Morgan

As his eightieth birthday approaches, it is entirely fitting that the corpus of groundbreaking early material recorded by Derrick Morgan has been revisited to create this unique collection. The dozen classic cuts, curated and recorded under the aegis of heavyweight reggae producer Delroy Williams, transcend any superficial notions of simply reworking much loved songs to provide them with a new technological polish for the modern age, rather they represent a triple helix; combining the intertwined personal, cultural, and political history that delineates a life, its work, and the contexts that have shaped it.

01. Moon Hop (3.14)
02. Do The Beng Beng (2.17)
03. Tougher Than Tough (2.28)
04. Conquering Ruler (2.54)
05. Fat Man (3.16)
06. Forward March (2.49)
07. Housewives Choice (2.44)
08. I Want To Go Home (3.07)
09. Rough Rider (3.29)
10. The Hop (2.33)
11. Seven Letter (3.26)
12. Court Dismiss (2.48)
13. Conquering Ruler 12” Mix (5.00)
14. Fat Man 12” Mix (5.28)
15. Rough Rider 12” Mix (5.00)
16. Seven letters 12” Mix (4.51)